How to check uniqueness of content

How to check uniqueness of content

The uniqueness of content posted on the website very strongly influences indexation by its search engines and attention from visitors. Unique content always has much bigger advantage in comparison with nonunique. Different content can be checked for uniqueness in different ways.


1. Search engines place the greatest demands for uniqueness on the text placed on the web page. The optimum uniqueness of the text fluctuates in the range of 90-100%. It is possible to check uniqueness of the text by means of special programs and also online services. The most popular program for verification of the text on uniqueness is the free application of Advego Plagiatus which is possible downloadaccording to the linkfor After installation start the program, insert the text intended for check into a top margin and press the Check button. In several seconds the program will give result.
The most popular service for check online is Miratools ( It works by the similar principle.

2. Except uniqueness of the text in material an important role is played by uniqueness of the picture. To define uniqueness of the picture, visit the website Load the picture which uniqueness needs to be defined on service, or copy and insert the unique URL address of the image into the data entry field. Click ""Search"". After a while the program will give results, in the description of each of which there will be a size of the picture and the address of its stay. By means of service it is possible not only to check uniqueness of the image, but also to find similar pictures.
Similar functions the relatively young service from Coogle - Google of the Picture ( possesses.

3. In addition to the above ways to check uniqueness of content it is possible by means of search engines. For this purpose insert all text of the document into the search string, click search and select the Show One and All parameter. If your text is unique, then in results there will be only it one.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team