How to check website positions

How to check website positions

In process of advance of the website it is necessary to trace accurately its positions on the selected keywords. In the conditions of the accruing competition it becomes nearly the basic rule of work on the Internet. How to check positions of the website and to draw the correct conclusions?


1. Save the results of the previous checks of positions of the website. It is necessary to evaluate efficiency of your work on search engine optimization. Besides, trace positions of the closest competitors and also check them. Significant changes in positions of competitors demonstrate their high activity. You have the finger on the pulse and be one step away ahead.

2. Always check website positions on those keywords which are the semantic center of your website. You should not jump and furthermore constantly to change keywords. It will confuse search engines and will nullify your efforts. Add new keywords to already existing better. But also here observe a measure. Analyze statistics of your website: when and how many people came to the website on any given requests. What new requests gave you visitors. If you see that some request "shot" only then enter it into the list of keywords.

3. Use available and free tools. The Site Auditor program will significantly facilitate your work in check of positions of the website. Install it on the computer. In the beginning carry out the express analysis of the website. You learn such important indicators as TIC, PR, the number of the entering links, the indexed pages.

4. Go to the Selection of Requests tab. Enter keywords, requests on which you want to check website positions. Use the CTRL Insert and SHIFT Insert keyboard shortcuts to copy and squeeze words in a form.

5. Go to the tab visibility of the website and check website positions on the entered words. The program will show results on the main Google search engines and Yandex. Also the program keeps at itself all results, they are dated and you will be able to browse them at any time. Nevertheless, copy results in a clipboard and you keep them at yourself before the following check. The spare option will not prevent in such important issue as check of positions of the website.

6. Also you remember that from the moment of modification of the website before indexation by his search robots there passes certain time. Therefore you do not hurry to check positions at once after changes, wait at least week. Catching the slightest changes in website positions, you will be able to interfere in time and will take measures that these positions only improved.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team