"How to check whether the website is indexed"

"How to check whether the website is indexed"

Indexation by search engines is necessary for each website. Otherwise the resource cannot almost be found in a world wide web. And it will remain to unknown for Internet users.

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1. Use a specialized software for indexation check. There are different developments which allow to book audit of the website. Find among them that that will meet your expectations of convenience of carrying out indexation. As a rule, such programs free are also regularly updated according to changes which developers enter into search engines. Enter url of the website according to the instruction and click "check".

2. Check indexation of the website independently, manually. To carry out similar audit, use special search queries for each robot search engine.

3. In the search string of Yandex enter a command: host: name of the website. top-level domain or host: www. name of the website. top-level domain. The system will bring all indexed pages to this request. If there are no those on the website, so it will give approximately such result: "The required combination of words does not meet anywhere".

4. Believe indexation of the website in the Google search engine. The text of request should be such: site: name of the website. top-level domain. According to information received evaluate whether pages are indexed. If among the displayed snippets (fragments) there are that treat the necessary website, then to the right of them open the picture overlooking one of these pages. Then press the Saved Copy button and learn when the robot search engine looked on this page last time.

5. One more option: learn about indexation of the website in Yandex panel. Webmaster. And it is even not obligatory to be at the same time the owner of the website. Substitute url of the resource interesting you in the form which is available on the page and click "check". If there is at least one indexed page, it will appear below the filled form.

6. Use special services which can be found in the Internet for mass check of indexation of the websites. They allow to check indexation and also other parameters – different indexes of citing, back links and many other things.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team