"How to check whether there is a box"

"How to check whether there is a box"

E-mail and letters coming to the e-mail address became an integral part of life of many Internet users for a long time. Sometimes it is required to check reliability of the provided data including authenticity of an e-mail. If it is necessary to learn the fact of its existence, then there is nothing difficult in it.

It is required to you

  • Internet access


1. Check whether there is mail e-mail with a specific name rather simply. And for this purpose there are several checked ways. The simplest of them – to write the letter on this box. Its contents can be any. All large mail services have the system of the return notification. And if the letter cannot be delivered because of absence of the addressee – you receive about it the report.

2. The second way will take slightly more time, but will yield absolute result. Try to register a mailbox with this name. If it already exists, then the system will not allow you to enter his name at registration. The only minus of this way – at first needs to be found out on what website it is possible to register mailboxes of this format.

3. If you do not suit both of these ways, then can use services for check of existence of check of existence of mailboxes.

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