"How to check who registered the website"

"How to check who registered the website"

The Internet consists of a set of the different websites and not all of them useful, or at least harmless. It is a lot of pages created for the purpose of fraud or the websites fakes under the known resources. Understand that represents any given website sometimes information on the owner of a domain name helps. Any company hoster at registration demands personal data of natural persons or data on the organization.


1. Start any browser, in an address bar enter the address of service for clarification of registration data of domain names of the websites. It can be, for example, http://www.whois-service.ru/.

2. Enter the address of the website interesting you into the request form designated by a red frame and click the ENTER key. In several seconds in the lower part of the page there will be all available data on a resource, for example, date of registration, its owner, i.e. the one who registered this name. For natural persons, depending on the policy a hosting center, the name and a surname, the address, phone are displayed. For legal entities the name and the address of firm is displayed.

3. Similar data can be found out by means of other resource. Enter in an address bar of http://whois.domaintools.com and click Enter. The page on which you will see a request window with the offer will open to enter a domain name of the website or the IP address, and it can be both the website address, and the address of the specific computer. Enter a name of the website necessary to you into the search string and click lookup. After a while there will be data on a resource separated into several bookmarks.

4. On the first Whois Record bookmark read information on the website, the hosting company and a contact information, from the e-mail address to phone numbers. Also on this bookmark the date of registration and date of end of term of rent of this domain name is specified. Switch to the second bookmark under the name Site Profile to learn general information about activity of the website and its mentions in search engines.

5. Click on the Registration and Server Stats bookmarks if you are interested in more detailed data about subdomains of the website and its physical location. It is necessary to consider that all information can be different degree of a detail, depending on rules of work of any given registering organization.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team