How to clean a cache in Chrome

How to clean a cache in Chrome

"Chrome" - the popular browser of the Google company which is initially aimed at the speed, safety and the correct display of the websites. It has the ascetic interface and simple functionality which extends a large number of additions. All this allows to assemble the lightweight browser which is most adapted for the user's tasks.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Google Chrome browser


1. Cache flush of "Chrome" is made by means of the Cleaning of History window. Open it through the menu, having clicked a small wrench. It is located to the right of an address bar of the browser. Guide an arrow at the Tools point. Click "Removal of data on the viewed pages".

2. Note data which are required to be deleted. If you need to delete only a cache to make room on the hard drive or to reboot incorrectly working flash-application, install the Clean a Cache check mark and remove them from all other points. The HTML pages saved in a cache of "Chrome", images, video, flash-files and the loaded scripts will be in that case deleted. But your personal data, such as the saved passwords, cookies and history of the visited pages, will remain and will continue to work.

3. Then select the period. To clean a cache completely, click in a drop-down list point "during all the time". Click "Clean History", and the cache of "Chrome" will be deleted.

4. If you often need to clean a cache of browsers, and you would like to have the button for quick start of the Clean History window - install the History Cleaner extension.

5. When you need to clean a cache of "Chrome" because it expands to very big sizes over time, limit it by means of a start key. For this purpose open properties of a label of "Chrome" and add in the field "Object" a key:

    - disk-cache-size=31457280
Where, 31457280 – the necessary size of a cache in bytes (Here 30 MB. 1 MB = 1048576 ≈ 1000000 bytes). The key should be separated by a space from path of start of "Chrome". Through settings it is impossible to specify the cache size.

6. You can also configure "Chrome" on automatic cache flush during its closing. For this purpose install the Click&Clean extension. Then click its icon "Toolbars". Click an icon with a gear – "Settings". Select the Cleaning when Closing the Browser item. Remove the Disconnect check mark. Open the Chrome point and note ticks data which need to be deleted when closing the browser. Open In the addition point and configure removal of flash and silverlight cookie-files.

7. Settings are saved automatically and begin to work right after change. Close a tab of settings and check their work.

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