How to clean a cache in the browser

How to clean a cache in the browser

Cache it is accepted to call a temporary file store which the browser uses for loading acceleration of the web pages viewed by the user at the subsequent visits once. Usually to such folder the extreme size is by default set, and the browser itself deletes everything that does not hold in a limit. Nevertheless modern browsers have the embedded functions for manual removal of files from a cache.


1. For cleaning of a temporary file store of the Internet observer of Internet Explorer at first open in its menu undressed "Service" and select the line "Internet Options". Then in a settings window of the browser go to the General tab in the section "History of Viewing" and click on the Delete button. Different types of the stored data are removed separately - for this purpose the Removal of History of Viewing window is separated into sections, the button of removal of information of a certain type is placed in each of which. The section necessary to you is called "Temporary files of the Internet" - click "Delete Files" placed in it.

2. In Mozilla FireFox the path to the necessary option is a little shorter. At first in the section of the Tools menu select the line "Delete Personal Data" or click the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Delete. Then in a dialog box give a mark in the field "Cache" and also add or remove tags of removal of other types of the data stored by the browser. To start process of cleaning click "Delete Now".

3. In the Google Chrome browser this operation requires, perhaps, the greatest number of actions. At first click on the icon with the image of a wrench open the menu and select in it the Parameters item. In the page loaded by the browser go to the Expanded tab and open a dialog box of settings of cleaning with clicking of the Delete Data on the Viewed Pages button. In this window set cleaning depth in a drop-down list and give a mark in the field of "Clean a Cache". Place tags in fields of other types at discretion, and then click "Delete Data on the Viewed Pages".

4. In the Opera browser open the menu and select the Delete Personal Data item in the section "Setup". In the appeared window click the inscription "Detailed Setup" and put a checkbox in the field of "Clean a Cache". Here the list of other data types which can be deleted is placed - place tags in the necessary fields. For start of process click "Delete".

5. This operation includes only two actions in Safari Apple. At first either use the hot keys Ctrl + Alt + E or select the Clean a Cache Memory item in the section "Editing" of the menu of the browser. Then click "Clean" in the appeared operation confirmation dialog.

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