How to clean a cache in the web browser

How to clean a cache in the web browser

During the work on the Internet the different elements of pages accelerating loading of the websites at their repeated visit get to a cache of the browser. If contents of a cache become the reason of incorrect loading of pages or the user wants to delete all information on the visited pages from the computer, it is necessary to clean a cache.


1. For removal of information from a cache the corresponding options are provided in browsers. So if you work in the most known and widespread Internet Explorer browser, for cache flush open point "Service" in the menu and select in it "Internet Options" - "General". Find "Temporary files of the Internet" in the opened window and click "Delete". Process of removal can take some time. After its termination click "OK".

2. During the work in the Mozilla Firefox browser open the Tools point, then "Settings" in the menu. In the opened window select In the addition tab - "Network". In the section "Autonomous Storage" click "Ochist Now", then click "OK".

3. If you use the Opera browser, for cache flush select the Delete Personal Data item in the menu "Service". The window in which you will be able to select, what data are subject to removal will appear. After that click "Delete" and close a window. The cache can be cleaned and so: open: "Service" - "Settings" - "In addition" - "History". In the opened window click "Clean". You can configure automatic cache flush at completion of work, for this purpose note the Clean at an Output point.

4. When using the Google Chrome browser open settings, having clicked a wrench icon. Select the Tools item, then "Clean data of viewings". In the opened window note what data should be deleted, in this case it is a cache. Click "Delete Data on the Viewed Pages".

5. In the Safari browser the cache is cleaned very simply: open the Editing point in the menu, select "Clean a cache" and click "Clean".

6. Cache flush is especially useful if you work on someone else's computer. That nobody traced what sites you visit, always clean a cache and the log – links to all pages viewed by you are stored in it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team