How to clean a column

How to clean a column

Dust in the speaker system is capable to worsen its quality of sounding considerably. When it is covered outside with dirt, its appearance worsens. If to clean a column, it will both look and to sound as new.


1. Disconnect the amplifier or other device to which the speaker system is connected from network. Find on a column behind two jumpers: black and red. Pay attention that the conductor with a tag is attached to one of them - remember to what. Shift levers and pull out from wire jumpers.

2. For cleaning of a column outside use the fabric piece without pile which is slightly moistened with soap solution. Do not allow water ingress in the speaker system. It is also possible to use alcohol (not on any surfaces - some it spoils), but not acetone, gasoline, hydrogen peroxide, etc. at all. Also it is impossible to apply paper instead of fabric - there will be traces of the fibers which are its part. After cleaning let's a surface dry completely.

3. To open a column and to clean it from within, in the beginning remove from it a grid. Sometimes for this purpose for it it is rather simple to pull, sometimes it is required to unscrew several screws. Clean from dust an internal surface of a grid by means of the fan, arrive also with the space located under a grid. The vacuum cleaner even if it low-power, apply carefully - it can damage diffusers of dynamic heads, protective fabric. If on diffusers there are no dust caps (today it meets very seldom), blow gaps between magnets and frameworks of coils rubber pear.

4. Now find screws which hold a column cover. They can be as in front, under a grid, and behind. Turn out them, uncover, without allowing damage of conductors, blow the speaker system the fan from within, then close. To avoid hit of dust in lungs, do not bend over the place of processing, or apply a respirator.

5. Collect the speaker system upside-down, then delay jumpers and connect to them wires in the correct polarity. Release jumpers, and they will be fixed. Check work of a column.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team