How to clean cookies in Mozilla Firefox

How to clean cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Kukami (cookies) name a certain type of files which comprise data on the Internet pages visited by you and also on the made actions. For certain you noticed that after the next visit of one subject at a forum all read messages gain other color.

It is required to you

  • Software of Mozilla Firefox.


1. For cleaning of cookies and also a browser cache, it is necessary to pass to settings of the browser. For this purpose click the top Tools menu, in the menu select the Setup item. In the opened window pass to the Privacy tab. Settings of this page allow to set the frequency of saving cookies.

2. Pass to the History block, and select one of three options of a drop-down list Firefox: remember history, not remember history and use custom settings for history logging. You can configure at discretion; the Remember History value is set by default.

3. After that click the link "Clean Your Recent History". You will see a small window in which it is possible to specify a time interval during which you want to delete the saved data. Below you need to provide what elements you want to clean: log, cookies, cache, etc. Click "Clean Now" for completion of operation.

4. Besides you have an opportunity to delete cookies at choice, i.e. cookies of specifically designated websites. For example, in the Cookies window it is possible to select several sections (websites) –,, etc. The user data connected with these websites will be deleted after clicking the Delete Cookies button.

5. If you, having viewed all data on the websites, decided to delete them, click "Delete All Cookies". For maintaining result click "Close" and restart the browser.

6. Also files of a cache and cookies can be found independently on the system section of your hard drive. For this purpose pass into the folder of the user and find arrangement of temporary files of the C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files web browsers. Contents of this and other subfolders can be deleted safely.

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