How to clean history in the browser

How to clean history in the browser

Web browsers automatically save all visited pages. This function has both undoubted advantages, and shortcomings – any user can learn about your actions in network. In order to avoid it the history of visits can be deleted easily.


1. Periodically it is necessary to clean the list of the visited sites even if you have no need to hide various user information. Such actions, for example, are required for elimination of destructive consequences of the different virus attacks - having deleted the history of visits, you will secure the computer against repeated self-infection.

2. Mozilla Firefox. For removal of history open the browser and click the Tools point located in the horizontal menu in the top part of the page. In the dropdown menu select "History". In the appeared dialog box remove or put down the necessary ticks. Also the history of visits can automatically will be removed every time when closing the browser. For this purpose put a checkbox near the inscription "Clean History when Closing Firefox", located in the section "Setup".

3. Internet Explorer. After opening of the browser click Ctrl+shift+Del key shortcut. In the appeared Removal of History of the Overview window put ticks near those points which need to be cleaned, and click "Delete". It is possible to check remote pages, having clicked the icon in the form of a star located in the browser upper right corner. There, in the Log tab, there should not be no page visited by you.

4. Opera. Come into a menu item "Tools" and select "Delete personal data". In the opened window click near the inscription "Detailed Setup". Put ticks in the dropdown list where it is necessary for you if they do not stand by default. Press the Delete button.

5. Safari. Select the History item in the main menu, and in it – "Clean history". Select a checkbox near the inscription "Reset Top Sites" in the opened window with the message "You really want to clean history?". After that press the Clean button.

6. Google Chrome. Click a wrench icon in the upper right corner and select the section "History". In the appeared tab click the inscription "Clean History" - before you the dialog box will open. Select in it the period for which you want to delete also history, and click on "Clean history".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team