How to clean the browser of the Internet

How to clean the browser of the Internet

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Web browsers store the history of visits by the user of Internet pages, remember autocompletion of pages and some information (pictures, scripts) from the websites. To clean the browser from excess information (or "cover up tracks" the activity on the computer), it is regularly necessary to clean a cache memory and the history of visits of the browser.

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1. When using the Internet Explorer browser pass to settings — left-click on "gear" at the top of the page on the right. In the offered menu select "Internet Options". In the opened window it is necessary to select "General", and there in the section "History of Viewing" click "Delete". It will be offered to you to select the necessary options — in a window of the choice note the check marks "Temporary Files of the Internet", "Cookies files", "Log". Then click "Delete". "Removal of history of the overview" you can get access to a window and in a different way — having clicked the gear icon in a drop-down menu of settings select "Safety". At guidance of the cursor on this inscription there will be a menu in which select "Delete the log of the observer". Left-click on this point and in the opened window "Removal of history of the overview" select necessary items.

2. For the Mozilla Firefox browser pass to settings, having clicked an orange icon of the browser at the top of the screen at the left. In a drop-down menu select "Settings", then again "Setup", and in them — the Privacy tab. In the section "History" note a checkbox option necessary to you. In the same tab the choice of option of automatic cleaning of a cache when closing the browser is possible. You can also use option of cleaning of the Mozilla Firefox browser, having come into a tab of advanced settings (Settings — Settings — Additional). In the subsection "Autonomous Storage" click "Clean now".

3. If your browser — Opera, click a browser icon at the top of the screen to go to settings at the left. Select In the addition tab, in it the subsection "History" and click "Clean" for a cache and the history of viewing. You can refer to the section of the settings "Delete Personal Data" also. In this section select "Detailed processing", a tick select the option "Clean a Cache", click "Delete".

4. In the Google Chrome browser to go to settings it is necessary to click the wrench icon. In the offered menu select "Parameters" and the Expanded tab. Select "Delete data on the viewed pages". Note the Clean a Cache check mark. Note the period for which you will delete information on viewing. Click "Delete" and "Close".

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