How to clean the list of the websites

How to clean the list of the websites

For convenience of users the Internet creators of browsers provided such useful function as storing of the viewed pages or the websites. However sometimes it is necessary and to get rid of the list of the visited sites for respect for privacy or that it was easier and more convenient to work. Agree, excess information sometimes just litters the computer.


1. In different browsers the cleaning of the list of the websites happens differently.

Internet Explorer

Come into the menu, select item "Service", find the Internet Options tab. The settings window will open - find the section "General", further "The history of viewing". Click "Delete" in the Removal of History of Viewing window, find the section "Log", then click "Delete History".

2. Opera

Enter the menu, the section "Tools", the Delete Personal Data point. The window in which you will read the warning of removal of all earlier read files and the termination of the begun loadings will open. Further there is a line with the mark "Detailed Setup". Check a window opposite it, click "Delete".

3. Mozilla Firefox

To delete the history of visit of pages, enter the menu, find the Tools tab, the section "Setup". The window will open - find the Privacy point, the section "Personal data", the Clean Now button in it. Further the Removal of Personal Data dialog box will open. Find the Log of Visits point, give opposite to it a mark. Further click "Delete now".

4. Google Chrome

In this browser it is possible to clean the history of visits in two ways. The first very simple – to use so-called "hot keys" of CTRL + SHIFT + DEL. The Clean Data of Viewings window will open. The second way - the icon of a wrench in the window upper right corner. Click on it - the drop-down menu will open. In it select the Tools item, and the section "Removal of Data on the Viewed Documents" is mute. Further specify an interval of time in which you need to delete viewings, give a mark near "Clean the history of viewing". Click "Delete Data on the Viewed Pages".

5. Safari Apple

And at last, in the Safari Apple browser the removal of history of visits happens in the simplest way. Enter the menu, the History point, at the very bottom find the Clean History point - click on it a mouse and confirm – "Clean".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team