How to clean the log of the browser

How to clean the log of the browser

In the log of the Web browser data on when and what Internet pages you visited are displayed. On the one hand, it is rather convenient to use these data for fast transition to the necessary resource. But sometimes it is required to delete the history of activity, having cleaned the log of the browser.


1. The way of removal of data from the specific log depends on what browser you use, but the principle of actions is in many respects similar. To clean the log in the observer of Internet Explorer, start it and click the toolbars an icon in the form of an asterisk ("Favorites").

2. In the opened dialog box go to the Log tab. You will see the list of time spans for which it is possible to browse or delete history. Bring the cursor to one of points in the log, right-click on it and choose the Delete command in a context menu. The browser will notify you in a separate window that you are going to delete history for the selected period. Confirm the actions in a request window, having pressed the Yes button.

3. If you need to clean all log, but not history for the specific period at once, select the Delete the Log of the Observer item in the menu "Service". The new dialog box will open. Note in it a marker the Log point. If it is necessary, you can also delete temporary files, passwords and so on. Press the Delete button and confirm actions in a request window. The log will be cleaned.

4. To delete the history of activity from the Mozilla Firefox browser, in a top line of the menu select the Log item and the Show All Log command. The new dialog box will open. It contains the list of the visited resources for specific time frames. It is possible to delete them in the same way, as in IE. You remember the only thing that in Firefox it is not required to confirm the Delete command, be attentive and do not erase data necessary to you.

5. To clean at once all log and also (as necessary) cookies, the log of forms of search, data on active sessions and other, in a top line of the menu select the Tools item and the Erase Recent History command. In the opened dialog box note a marker all that you want to delete, and press the Clean Now button. It is not required to confirm the actions here too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team