How to clean the online magazine

How to clean the online magazine

The online magazine of browsers contains information on the history of visit of websites by the user. It is periodically necessary to purge this information to eliminate destructive consequences of the hacker and virus attacks and to prevent a possibility of repeated infection. Also removal is carried out if it is necessary not to allow access for other users to your confidential user information which is stored in the log.

It is required to you

  • web browser, computer


1. Internet Explorer 8/9. Open the main menu of Start-up OS and pass into the section "Control panel". Start the Internet Options equipment and select the General tab. Find the section "History of Viewing" and press the Delete button. In the appeared window for full removal of the online magazine it should be noted ticks the Temporary Files of the Internet, Log and Cookies files points. If you also want to clean information on profiles and passwords, then note the corresponding points. Click "Delete".

2. Mozilla Firefox. Start the browser and click a gear icon. Select the Tools menu and follow the link "Erase Recent History". Click a drop-down list "Clean" and specify the required parameters of removal of the online magazine. Expand the Details window and note a tick the Log of Forms and Search, Log of Visits and Loadings, Cache and Cookies points. After that click "Clean Now".

3. Opera. Click a browser icon, open a drop-down menu of "Setup" and select the Delete Personal Data item. Start detailed setup in which specify the required parameters for cleaning of the online magazine then press the Delete button

4. Google Chrome. Start the browser toolbar. Select the Tools item and click on the link "Removal of Data on the Viewed Pages". It is necessary to specify a time interval in the opened dialog box, to note information deleted from the online magazine and to click "Clean History".

5. Safari. Open the menu of the browser and select the History item. Go to the Clean History tab. Appear the warning of impossibility of recovery of remote information in which activate the Also to Reset Top Sites point and click "Clean".

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