How to close a bookmark

How to close a bookmark

Practically all modern browsers allow to open pages not in separate windows of the program, and in tabs of one copy of the Web browser. Such organization of viewing saves computer resources, accelerating operation of applications, and creates additional conveniences of web surfing. From operations of work with tabs most often we use their opening and closing. Ways of closing it is provided by vendors much more, than opening.

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1. The bookmark in any of modern browsers can be closed, having used the CTRL keyboard shortcut + F4.

2. In the same way also clicking of the keyboard shortcut CTRL + W works.

3. The right edge of bookmarks of each of browsers has an icon with the image of a cross. In the Safari Apple browser it is shown only at guidance of the cursor of a mouse. Having clicked this cross, too it is possible to close a tab. The cross is present at the observer of Internet Explorer only at an active tab, and in other browsers with its help you can close any of existing.

4. It is possible to guide the cursor at a label of a tab and to right-click. As a result the context menu in which there is also a line "Close a Tab" will drop out.

5. If you use a mouse in which there is a middle button or the clicked wheel, then have an opportunity to close tabs, directing at them the cursor of a mouse and clicking this middle button.

6. It is possible to close all tabs, except for active if to guide the cursor at its label, to right-click and select the Close Other Tabs item in the menu. In Opera this point is called slightly differently: "Close everything, except active", and in Google Chrome in addition there is also a Close Tabs on the Right point.

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