How to close spam

How to close spam

The problem of fight against spam in general, and about spam bots in particular, always remains current for each administrator of an Internet resource. The offered methods cannot guarantee a total victory, but are capable to reduce quantity of spam significantly.


1. Change settings of registration on the Internet resource: - include the option "Check the E-mail Address at Registration". This action will make obligatory receiving registered e-mail messages, containing the reference for the transition necessary for completion of process of registration; - include the option "Demand Unique Addresses of E-mail". Thus reuse of one email address becomes impossible; - include the option "Prohibit the Unregistered and Expecting Users to Create Subjects, Messages and so forth. This action limits possibilities of users only to reading content.

2. Pass into the Settings of Group Guests point and specify the User Group Options point.

3. Choose the Separate People from Robots when Performing Certain Actions command and click "Yes".

4. Apply checkboxes on all fields of possible actions in the section "Actions where the Separation of People from Robots Is Required" and confirm application of the selected changes with clicking of the OK button.

5. Register on one of the specialized CAPTCHA servers (Completely Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Comuters and Humans Apart) for receiving a public and personal key and enter it in the respective fields for ensuring impossibility of automatic registration.

6. Use check of a period between opening of the registration form and its sending provided to specialized modes of Stop the Registration Bots or create the invisible to the person, but perceived by the robot field of the registration form for automatic elimination of mail boats by means of Haque SpamBot Posting Protection.

7. Evaluate possibilities of Enhanced Image Captcha meaning the conscious choice of the image according to requirements or install vbStopForumSpam (RBL analog) for execution of automatic check of the IP addresses and names on the known bases of mail spam.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team