How to close the website for viewing

How to close the website for viewing

If to your home computer children, especially at those moments when you there is no house, then you, perhaps, faced visit of the "undesirable" websites by them have access. To close the similar websites for viewing, use one their simple methods.


1. First of all create the guest account for the child. It will allow to prohibit a possibility of change of settings of programs and a system by means of which you will limit its access to network. Protect the account of the administrator by means of the password.

2. Use the specialized program for control over activity on the Internet, for example, of Kindergate Parental Control. Set the password on start and removal of the program then add the address of the websites to the list of blocked and save the made changes. Perform these operations under the account of the administrator.

3. For access lock to the undesirable websites you can also use additional opportunities of an antivirus. Let's consider this option on the example of an antivirus of Eset Nod 32. Start the application then open it in an active window and press the F5 button. Before you the Protection and Internet Access menu will open. Pass into the section "Management of the Addresses" and add those websites which visit is undesirable to the list of the blocked addresses. Save the made changes, having password-protected settings.

4. Come on the computer from the account of the administrator. Start search by the computer, having specified the name of the hosts file in a search box. If this action was not crowned with success, open the folder located at the address Windows/System32/drivers/etc and find this file independently. Click the hosts file by means of the right mouse button and select the Open with the Help menu and use the Notepad program. By means of this file you will be able to prohibit access to Internet resources. At the end of the file enter lines of the following contents: website.com127.0.0.1 website 02.com127.0.0.1 and are the addresses of the websites which you need to block. Just in case duplicate the name of each website by means of www prefix. After that save the made changes and close the file.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team