How to code html

How to code html

For protection of the author's HTML-code against viewing the website by visitors it is possible to use utilities-shifrovshchikami. These programs will allow to hide the code from the users seeking to view it or to copy on the websites. Applications differ among themselves in use of different encryption algorithms.


1. Load the program for the HTML encryption from the Internet. The WebCrypt Pro utility allows to cipher HTML-files entirely, to hide links in a body of the page, to block the right mouse button for copying operation, imposes a ban on printing and cancels caching. HTML Protector, in addition to standard protection of the code, gives the chance to protect from theft of the picture and allows to put the ban on opening and copying of the initial page. The HTML Guard and HTMLencrypt applications have similar functionality and the scheme of creation of protection.

2. Start the loaded file and wait for the end of installation of the program. Start the installed utility by means of a label on a desktop or through the Start menu in Windows.

3. In the opened window go to the necessary tab. If you want to code completely all file, then specify path to the coded page in the Files point. If you need to encrypt the code, then insert initial HTML into the corresponding text box and click Protect or Decrypt, depending on the selected program.

4. It should be noted that the encryption works generally only for Internet Explorer, in other browsers the result can be another. Moreover, these programs will not be able to protect from serious web developer as the algorithm used in utilities easily gives in to interpretation. Also encrypted documents do not get under indexation by search engines.

5. For coding of HTML there is a set of Internet services. Enter in any searcher request "HTML Encryption" and use any resource which will be pleasant to you. The majority of such websites use the identical encryption algorithm based on Java Script, and it means that the efficiency and result of coding will be approximately identical.

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