How to code wi-fi

How to code wi-fi

Installation of protection for own Wi-Fi of network, certainly, very important stage of its setup. For providing the due security level it is necessary to use the maximum quantity of levels of protection of network.

It is required to you

  • - Wi-Fi router;
  • - laptop.


1. If your wireless network is created through Wi-Fi of the router, then open the menu of settings of this device. Establish connection with this network equipment. For this purpose use a LAN cable or Wi-fi channel.

2. Open the web browser. Fill the url-field, having entered into it the router IP address. Click the ENTER key. Enter a user name and the password, click Connect or Log In. Open the Wireless Connection Setup or Wi-fi menu.

3. Find the Authentication Type or Wireless Secure Mode field. Select safety type. Use rather new protocols, for example WPA2-PSK if mobile devices are capable to be connected to networks with these parameters.

4. Find the Key of Network or Network Key field. Enter into it the password for this wireless network. Use a combination of digits, characters and Latin letters to prevent a possibility of fast password guessing.

5. Save parameters of the Wireless Setup menu and open the Mac Table tab. Click Add and enter the MAC address of the adapter of a wireless network of the necessary mobile device. If it is about the laptop, then open the Start menu and select the Execute item. Enter cmd in a new field and click the ENTER key. After start of the command line enter ipconfig/all and again click Enter. Find value of the MAC address Wi-fi of the adapter and enter it into the menu of settings of the router. After that activate the Check MAC-address point and save the set parameters.

6. Replace the data necessary for gaining access to the Wi-fi settings of the router. If someone picks up the password to your wireless network - it is only half the problem. Cracking of the router can lead to the fact that you will need to recustomize this device completely. Do not use simple combinations of passwords if you want to provide high-quality protection of Wi-fi network.

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