"How to come into a personal account of the subscriber of MegaFon"

"How to come into a personal account of the subscriber of MegaFon"

More often subscribers of cellular communication to check balance on the account, to find out or change the data plan, to connect or disconnect options, use a personal account. The similar service to the clients is represented also by MegaFon.

It is required to you

  • - the operating sim card of MegaFon operator;
  • - phone


1. The personal account of MegaFon operator represents to subscribers of cellular communication great opportunities which can use at once after a login to the account. To come into the personal account, it is necessary to execute several simple steps. First of all to open the page of the official site of MegaFon operator in the browser. It is possible to make it in two ways: enter the website address in an address bar: megafon.ru then the browser will direct you to the homepage of the website of the mobile operator. It is also possible to gather the request containing a word MegaFon in a search string. On the following page the search engine to which you give the greatest preference will open for you the list of the websites containing a list of the websites. On heading select the website necessary to you (usually it is located on the top positions of the list) and pass to the page of the operator.

2. As a rule, the browser will automatically open for you the page of the operator in your region. If suddenly it does not occur, on the most top line the region is specified. If your location matches the offered region, click "Yes" and you pass to the following page. If the region does not match, click "Change the Region" then in the dropping-out window select the area.

3. After that you need to click the link with the inscription "Personal account" and to pass to the following page where it will be offered to you to enter the data for logging into the personal account – the login and the password. The login is served in this case by the phone number. To receive the password, from the phone send a request in a view *105*00# and press the call key. Then the password will come to phone within several minutes. As a rule, it represents a set of digits. Enter them in the respective field and click "Enter".

4. Having executed this step, you will be redirected on the following page where it will be offered to you to use automatic login to a personal account. This option is convenient if you do not want to enter constantly the password or the PIN code at logging into the personal account. If to you conveniently constantly to point the data at an input to the website, click "Not Remind".

5. Pay attention that automatic login works only when using the mobile Internet MegaFon. You will be able to log in the account from any device which is connected to the Internet, - the computer, phone, the tablet. On all devices the data for an input will be identical. However, despite convenience of automatic login to a personal account, it is not recommended to use it if other people have access to your device. So you protect the data.

6. If you plan to come into the personal account of MegaFon from the smartphone, the operator provided also this case. If you prefer a Google service. Play, on the right on the page with login credentials for a personal account find the button of Google. Play also click it. After that you will pass to the homepage of service where you will need to install the application "Megafon. Personal account". A link to this page will be opened at once after clicking of the button of Google. Play. After that attentively study the page, find the Install button and click e for transition to the following page. Here you will need to enter data of your profile on a Google service. Specify the password and click "Enter". Similarly the application works at all platforms of mobile devices.

7. Users of social networks can also come into a personal account of MegaFon mobile network operator without leaving the profile. For this purpose it is only necessary to select the social network and to go "Service Guide" to the application. It should be noted that this offering of mobile operator allows cellular data users not only to come into a personal account for obtaining the complete information connected with number service but also to share with the friends news by means of "Wall". Also the application allows to activate cards of express payment, to send SMS messages, to configure "black list", adding to it number of unwanted subscribers. Plus of this application is that for all necessary information connected with number service it is not necessary to contact the operator and to call in support desk since the user will practically find in a personal account everything that it is necessary for it in time, convenient for it. At application launch just agree to creation of this label.

8. When you appear in a personal account, your browser will suggest to remember the password entered by you for this website. Use this service, having pressed the corresponding button. If you need to come into a personal account next time, you should not repeat identification procedure any more: For logging into the personal account of mobile network operator will be to click the link saved earlier enough.

9. MegaFon also provides the personal account allowing to trace expenses, to receive reporting documentation, to manage services for corporate clients. For logging into the personal account it is necessary to find and click on the homepage of the official site an icon "A corporate personal account". On the following page select the region. And then on the new page in the respective fields enter the login and the password. The login is entered in the CP_9XXXXXXXXX format (where by CP - capital Latin letters, 9XXXXXXXXX - the directory number with the connected Personal account in a 10-unit format). For gaining access to the Personal account previously file the written statement to any office MegaFon. Phone of service center of corporate clients: 8 (800) 550-0555.

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