How to come into the browser

How to come into the browser

The browser - the program for reading resources of the Internet. It is possible to come into the browser in several ways, each of which is possible even for the beginning user of the computer.


1. Start of the browser is similar to start of any other program, with only that distinction that the browser is set in a system by default, and its label is displayed on a desktop right after installation of the operating system. To come into the browser, just click twice its icon. Opening of the browser will happen in read seconds. The browser icon can be also recorded in the panel of quick start Windows which is located slightly more to the right the Start-up buttons on a task bar. For a zapuk of the browser click once the icon located in the panel of quick start.

2. The browser is one of key programs in any computer. Therefore the button of its start is always selected in a special way in the Start menu. To start the browser, come into this menu and click Internet which is located in the top of the left column of the menu. After clicking of this button the browser assigned by default will be loaded into random access memory. That is, if at you on the computer several browsers are installed, but most often you use one of them, you can assign it the browser by default, and it will be always loaded after clicking of the button Internet into the Start menu. It is possible to assign the browser by default in its settings, or in the Windows Control panel, in the section "Choice of Programs by Default".

3. It is also possible start the browser selected by default having opened any label of the Internet or a hyperlink. Clicking practically of any button sending the user to the Internet is followed by start of the browser. After opening of any its page, the browser can use at discretion, visiting any websites.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team