How to come on mobile versions of the websites

How to come on mobile versions of the websites

Without wishing to miss the visitors who are going online via mobile phones and other digital devices, many owners of the websites began to develop light versions of resources which save the user traffic and contain an advertizing minimum.


1. Many websites having own portable versions at identification of the mobile device of the user automatically redirect it on the corresponding page. However in spite of the fact that the Internet develops very quickly, yet not all resources have such opportunity. However, it is worth trying. Via the browser of your device visit the favourite website. If instead of the volume page of big width with pictures, advertizing, banners and other obligatory attributes of each popular website you saw the optimized page under the screen size, and the quantity of useful information is more, than advertizing – most likely, the owner of a resource made the corresponding settings which allowed you to come on mobile version of the website, entering the familiar address.

2. Many mobile versions of the websites differ from the full-function version. Rather often apply different prefixes which are written through a point to the normal address to their designation. The most often used prefixes:
• pda;
• m;
• mobile;
• wap.
The last, however, were widespread earlier when instead of gprs-traffic the mobile network operators actively imposed to users expensive wap-traffic. But also now too there is a lot of websites with this prefix. So that to come on mobile versions of the websites, enter in phone browser the website address with the corresponding prefix. Or try a little from them if you do not know what worker.

3. If you use the Internet only for obtaining information, you are not interested in advertizing and expanded functionality of resources, you can come on mobile versions of the websites directly from the computer browser. For this purpose you enter the corresponding address into a line and enjoy the mini-version of the favourite website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team