How to conduct mail

E-mail – a mail service in virtual space. It is applied as the effective tool to business correspondence with business partners, the organizations of mailing, sending messages of personal character. At the same time delivery of correspondence to networks is carried out for several seconds. But some users beginners do not know how to conduct the mailbox.


1. For a start register on one of the relevant services. You select a user name. Of course, for official correspondence the best option is a name, a surname or the name of your firm (if you have it). And for personal reasons any option will approach. Users get access to a personal e-mail after enter earlier thought up login and the password in the respective field of a mail service.

2. After registration learn to fill the offered e-mail form. So, if the field to "Whom" is filled surely, then such as "Subject of the letter" is often ignored, and it is very important. If you conduct active correspondence with business partners, then data of these messages, perhaps, it is necessary to use in the future. As a rule, by search among a huge number of notifications it will be clear about what there was a conversation in the letter where necessary information is located.

3. Pay attention that the main moment in correspondence – formatting of the message. If in the non-registered letter it is necessary to observe semantic division of the text into several paragraphs, then in an electronic form in literal sense it is necessary to separate the thoughts stated by two or three offers (five-six lines) as much as possible to improve perception of words.

4. For reading correspondence use special applets. So, for example, by Outlook it is built in the Windows system. However not all e-mail servers support such protocols. But often portals of large providers are compatible to programs for reading e-mails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team