How to configure a local area network via the router

How to configure a local area network via the router

Routers and similar to them use devices for creation of local area networks with Internet access. It allows to integrate computers in the necessary groups, giving them an opportunity communications with external resources.

It is required to you

  • - network cables;
  • - router.


1. Select the suitable router. Pay attention to the number of LAN ports which allocated this equipment. If you do not want to buy in addition network hub, then take care of that their quantity exceeded number of computers in network. Specify also a type of the connector used for connection to the server of provider. Normally it or WAN port for the network cable, or the DSL connector for connection from a telephone line.

2. Install the router in the available place. Connect this equipment to the alternating current main. Select the computer from which you will perform tuning of the device, and connect it by means of the twisted pair cable to free LAN port of the router. Connect a cable of Internet access to the WAN (DSL) connector of the network equipment and turn on the device.

3. Turn on the computer and open the web browser. For gaining access to settings of the router enter its address into the browser and click the ENTER key. Open the Internet Setup Wizard or WAN menu. Fill the required fields thus as you do it at setup of connection of the only computer to the Internet. Activate the Firewall, NAT and DHCP functions if it allows to make the software of the device.

4. Save settings of this menu, having pressed the corresponding button. Reboot the router if this operation was not executed automatically. Reset of some models of network devices is executed by their disconnection from the alternating current main.

5. Reopen the web interface of the router. Pass into the Status menu and check activity of connection with the Internet. Check presence of access to network at your computer. Connect other PCs to LAN ports of the router. Set the password on access to settings of the device to prevent their undesirable change.

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