How to configure a wireless internet

How to configure a wireless internet

In the modern world most of people gradually refuse cables and other inconveniences of the wire Internet. And there is no wonder. Why to tie itself and the laptop to the specific place when there is an opportunity to walk about with it on all apartment and even beyond its limits? Practically all providers suggest to connect service of wireless WiFi of the Internet. But there are ways allowing to bypass a system and to save fairly. We will tell you how to configure a wireless internet at home. On the example of Beeline provider and the D-Link dir 615 router.

It is required to you

  • WiFi router
  • The laptop or the PC with WiFi the adapter
  • LAN cable


1. Installation of the router.
The most optimum arrangement of this device – in the center of the apartment. It will allow to achieve the best signal in any its corner. After installation of the router connect it to the computer or the laptop the network cable enclosed in a set, having inserted one its end into the network interface card, and another into any LAN port. Come into the menu of the router, having gathered in any browser//, using admin user name. Come into the Setup point – Internet Connection Setup Wizard. 2 times click next, and in the third step select username (Russia L2TP).

2. Further it is necessary to enter your login and the password to the Internet, leave DNS Setting standard, and in the L2TP Server IP Address point enter Click connect. After that it will be required to reboot the router by disconnection of power from it not less than for 15 seconds. This operation should be performed if reset was not automatic.

3. WiFi setup.
Come into Setup – Wireless Settings – Wireless Network Setup Wizard. Now consistently enter a name of your future network and the password to it. After clicking of the Save button, the wireless network will be ready to work. In case of lack of Internet access from the laptop – reboot the router.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team