How to configure connection to the Internet on the laptop

How to configure connection to the Internet on the laptop

It is possible to connect the laptop to the Internet a set of ways: be connected to Wi-fi network, insert a cable of provider and configure connection, etc. All this is too easy therefore we will be engaged in creation of own wireless access point.

It is required to you

  • Wi-Fi router.


1. For creation of house wireless access point with Internet connection you need Wi-Fi the router. A huge number of the similar equipment is presented at the market of computer goods. But it is necessary to learn to select correctly the router which will suit you.

2. Study characteristics of your laptop. Find out types of wireless networks with which without problems its network adapter works. If you need an extensive zone of distribution of a signal, pay attention and to this parameter.

3. Connect the router acquired by Wi-fi to the alternating current main. Connect to it an Internet connection cable. For this purpose in the device there is an Internet (WAN) port.

4. Connect the laptop to the router through LAN (Ethernet) port. For this purpose complete with the device the network cable is delivered. Start the browser and enter into an address bar of IP Wi-fi of the router.

5. Find the Internet Setup menu and open it. Change settings of parameters of this menu for those which are recommended by your provider. It is necessary for providing for the router of Internet access. Include the DHCP function if that is supported by your equipment.

6. Open the menu Wireless Setup. Think up and enter a name (SSID) and the password (Password) for access to network. Select types of data encryption and a radio signal with which your laptop works. Save the entered settings and reboot Wi-Fi the router. Sometimes for this purpose it is required to disconnect it for some time from the power supply network.

7. Disconnect the network cable from the laptop. Open the list of available wireless networks. Be connected to Wi-Fi to access point which you created in settings of the router. If Internet access is absent, check settings of a firewall and a fayervoll on the laptop.

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