How to configure e-mail server

How to configure e-mail server

The server of e-mail is the computer program transferring the message from one computer to another. Registration of a mailbox on the server – rather simple procedure.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access.


1. Seize the opportunity of free creation of a box of e-mail on the majority of e-mail servers of network. Large and small portals provide services of free processing of correspondence. Treat the most known mail systems,,, etc.

2. Selecting the platform on which the e-mail will be placed, be guided by stability of work of specific service and also such parameters as the mailbox volume, the number of users of this resource, presence of the agent notifying on receipt of new correspondence.

3. Define the server used for e-mail. It can be: - Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) - it does not assume preliminary loading of e-mails on the local computer, and work with mail is performed on the server; - Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) - here messages are sent on the local computer for their processing; - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) – this server is intended for the outgoing mail.

4. Start the Windows Mail application, open the menu "Service" on a top panel of tools of this window.

5. Select the Accounts item, click "Add". Open the Email account point and press Next.

6. Specify a name in the User name field and press Next.

7. Enter the e-mail in the E-mail address field and confirm the choice, having pressed Next.

8. Select type of the server of the used e-mail from a drop-down list in the line "Type of the Server of E-mails". Add necessary values to fields of servers of outgoing and incoming messages.

9. Press Next, enter the login and the password of the account in the respective field.

10. Put the Remember the Password checkbox and press Next. Confirm application of the selected changes having clicked "Is ready".

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