How to configure gprs the megaphone

How to configure gprs the megaphone

If providers of the Internet fell short the line of your house yet, but there are a computer and the cell phone, you after all have an opportunity to have houses Internet access. As the modem you will use the mobile phone. Technology which at the same time is used, called GPRS. At the same time you can have a cellular operator any.


1. Contact help desk of Megafon and specify whether service GPRS on your number is connected. If - no, ask to connect it. At your request will send you settings for your phone in the form of the sms. Save them.

2. Install the software of your phone on the computer. As a rule, it is the special program for management phoneof via the computer where also drivers for phone enter.

3. Establish connection between phone and the computer. Depending on opportunities of your phone and computer it can be done by means of a cable, infrared communication or by means of technology of wireless communication Bluetooth.

4. In the control panel open the Phone and Modem tab. There select your modem and click "Properties".
Click the Additional Parameters of Communication tab and enter an initialization command into a window: AT+CGDCONT=1," IP"," internet". Click OK.

5. Configure remote connection with the help of the master of new connections. As to make it read in the help Windows system.
In the appearing windows select the following options: connect to the Internet, establish connection manually, via the normal modem. Then in the list of devices for this connection note a tick the modem, enter the name of connection.
In a window in the field enter "Phone number": *99***1# or *99#. Number depends on a phone model.
As a user name and the password use the word gdata.
In the last window click "is ready". Connection is created.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team