How to configure Internet access from two computers

How to configure Internet access from two computers

It is possible to achieve synchronous connection of several computers to the Internet in different ways. Unfortunately, the most convenient of them require certain financial expenses.

It is required to you

  • - network interface card;
  • - network cable.


1. The cheapest way to configure simultaneous connection to the Internet is to use one of computers as the proxy server. It is not the most convenient option because the "main" PC should be switched on even when the user works at other computer. Buy the additional network interface card and a cable with LAN connectors.

2. Connect the network adapter to the computer motherboard PCI slot. If you use the external equipment, connect it to USB port of the computer or laptop. Remember that the second network interface card is required only if through the first connection with the Internet is carried out. At connection to network by means of the USB modem or Wi-fi channel it is enough to have one LAN card.

3. Connect among themselves two computers, using for this purpose the network cable. Turn on the first computer. Pass to the list of network connections. Open properties of connection to the second computer. Pass to a dialog box of settings of the internet protocol TCP/IPv4.

4. Select the Use the Following IP Address item. Enter its value, for example Save parameters and pass to properties of connection with the Internet.

5. Open the Access tab. Check near point allowing other users to use this connection. Save the set parameters. Update connection to the Internet.

6. Turn on the second computer. Open parameters of the internet protocol TCP/IP local connections. Enter value of the static IP address, for example Remember that it should differ from the IP address of the "main" computer only in the last number.

7. Click Ok for saving settings. Wait until new parameters of network connection are applied. Check availability of connection to the Internet on the second computer.

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