How to configure Internet connection

How to configure Internet connection

Internet access will fully help you to use all opportunities of the computer and to communicate with people and the enterprises worldwide. However setup of connection can take some time, especially if you just installed the new operating system.

It is required to you

  • - Computer;
  • - the connected service of Internet access.


1. Receive the necessary software from Internet service provider. Your computer already may contain one or several such programs which are on the hard drive. Follow instructions of provider for the correct software installation, necessary for connection.

2. Visit the website of your provider. The special service, most likely, will spend you through process of registration and creation of the online account. You will be asked to provide such information as a name, the address and payment data. After, you enter information, the provider can send you automatic adjustments for implementation of Internet access. If it did not occur, then on the same website you will be able to receive further instructions.

3. Look through the received instructions for the Windows setup, at first you will need to come into appropriate section of a system. Open the Start menu, pass to the Setup point, and then come into "Control panel". Double click "Internet Options" and open the Connections tab.

4. Create new connection to remote access, having entered information sent by provider: user name, password and settings of the gateway. After adding of necessary data save this connection, and then click "Setup".

5. Specify necessary TCP/IP of installation for your server if it is necessary (your provider in this case should provide also to you exact information). In the appeared window go to the Types of Servers tab and fill all fields. Configure the Domain Name Server and IP-adres settings if it is necessary. Click OK to close all windows.

6. Try to start your connection. Come into it and click "Connect". The system will try to connect to the web. As soon as it occurs, start any browser and try to open any page, for example, of to check communication work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team