How to configure Linux the server

How to configure Linux the server

Almost each system administrator faces work on the Linux server setup, however to young specialists often is will hardly cope with this task. Having a certain theoretical base, it is quite possible to learn setup of servers on the basis of the Linux system.

It is required to you

  • - Informix Dynamic Server;
  • - Informix Software Development Kit.


1. For a start you will need the Informix Dynamic Server utility and the collection of programs of Informix Software Development Kit. It is possible to download these products at the link Make group by means of the console and create the user under the name of Informix. This user will participate in quality of the account of the administrator for Informix DB. Do not forget to make sure of reliable protection of this record for what use difficult passwords. Create a directory for installation of the utility. A standard directory is / Opt/Informi. Take care of setup of necessary variables. The INFORMIXDIR variable requires that value which is path to that directory in which Informix was installed.

2. Extract Informix contents from the received file with the tar extension. If tar-files of the circle of the developer are in the current location, it is enough to execute for extraction certain commands (where name.tar — a file name with the tar extension): mv name.tar/opt/informixcd/opt/informixsu informix tar - xvf name.tar after that pay attention to decompressed files and begin installation of software environment of IDS. Do not forget that for this purpose you should use the same directory / opt/informix.

3. Extract the tar-file of the circle of the Client SDK developer in the main directory / opt/informix. After that begin start of an installation script of a script for installation of the circle of the Client SDK developer. To finish installation of this environment, follow instructions on the display. Do not forget to add to yours to future server the sqlhosts file. This file is located in the main directory / opt/informix/etc. Add the name INFORMIXSERVER which you specified earlier at setup of environment variables to the sqlhosts file. Do not forget to create the file under the name onconfig. It, as well as the majority of files, is obliged to be in an installation directory / opt/informix/etc. After that start your server, using the following commands: cd/opt/informix/binoninit - enter idlya of a stop of the server into the console: onmode - kuy.

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