How to configure management in the game NFS the Run

How to configure management in the game NFS the Run

Accurate graphics and fascinating plot of a computer game can recede into the background if management of a game is not rather fully configured. The pleasure from game process is lost, and as a result the user gives preference to other game. It can be avoided if manually to configure settings of management.

Need for Speed: The Run – a part of a racing line of the games NFS. Before setting off adventures and expensive machines, to you it is necessary to learn to handle these machines. No wonder, you will spend 90% of all playing time, managing expensive sports cars. And the inconvenient control setting on the keyboard or the gamepad can spoil an impression of a game even with the most abrupt plot.

Control setting


For change of settings you need to come into a game. After viewing an introductory roller before you there will be a main menu where it is necessary to select the Game Process item and further "Management". In this menu it will be offered to select the device by means of which you will play (the keyboard / dzhostik). During the game (in the menu of a pause) settings cannot be changed.


Below such points as "acceleration", "change of the camera", "braking", "emergency brake", "nitro" will be submitted, "increase transfer", etc. You can change all these parameters, thereby having made the interface the most convenient and clear for yourself. For this purpose it is necessary to left-click once on the necessary parameter, and then to press that button to which you want to assign this parameter.

Problems with management

Many players, after finished personalisation process, face the following problem: control settings which were set before the game after its restart in itself become by default. In other words, custom settings of management are not saved.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to solve completely this problem. One of options is change of settings before each loading of a game.


As the frequent reason not of saving settings serves the path to the file of saving registered by Cyrillics. Files of maintaining the majority of games are in the My Documents folder. By default the folder path has an appearance: "C:\Documents and Settings\имя пользователя\Мои documents". To assign the folder of saving files other folder, it is necessary to replace a destination folder. For this purpose in properties of the My Documents folder you select the Destination folder tab. You enter path to its new placement in the Folder field and you click "Ok". Make sure that path to the new folder and its name were registered by Latin.

To restore the changed default arguments, come into properties of the My Documents folder, click "By default", then "Ok". If you wish to move documents, click "Yes" in the appeared dialog box, otherwise – "No".

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