How to configure qip on a proxy

How to configure qip on a proxy

Need of connection of the Qip program via the proxy server can arise for various reasons. Most often closing of Internet access to similar programs from a workplace of office employee is such reason. Administrators of computer office networks put the ban on connection to certain IP addresses which also the Qip program as it uses the same IP addresses, as the ICQ program on the basis of which it is created is among.


1. Open a Qip program window. Above a window there is an icon with a wrench character. Click on it. The Setup window will open. At the left in the Setup window the list of the configured sections is located. You need to click the section "Connection".

2. In the section "Connection" there are three types of connection: "Direct connection to the Internet", "Automatic detection of settings of a proxy" and "Install settings of a proxy manually". It is necessary to select type of connection "Install settings of a proxy manually".

3. Before filling the Type, Address and Port fields, it is necessary to learn type of connection to the proxy server, its IP address and port of connection. It is possible to make it, having just looked for free proxy servers on the Internet. Having found such, you learn both type of connection, and the IP address, and port of connection. As a rule, the IP address has an appearance ***. ***. ***. ** where instead of asterisks there are digits. The port looks as just four digits of a view ****.

4. Copy IP address digit, and then port, and insert into the respective field in settings of the Qip program. The type of connection can be selected from a drop-down list of settings of the program. If the type of connection to a proxy is not specified, then it is possible to try different options from a drop-down list.

5. If the input on the proxy server is carried out through the login and the password, then it is necessary to copy also them, and then to insert into the respective fields located below in a settings window.

6. To activate this field, check near the word "Authentication (Optionally)". There is one more field "NTLM authentication" below, but this method of connection to the proxy server is used seldom, and, respectively, it should be noted this field, only if it is specified specially in settings for a proxy.

7. When all necessary fields are filled, click on the Apply button and close a settings window. Restart the Qip program.

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