How to configure receiving mail

How to configure receiving mail

It is difficult to provide today's everyday life without electronic correspondence. E-mail is a transfer and obtaining electronic messages on a computer network. Rather reliable procedure of delivery of letters, usability of the program, a possibility of transfer of text, graphic and musical messages will not leave indifferent any user. The main thing is to configure basic functions of receiving mail correctly.

It is required to you

  • In order that you could receive and browse incoming mail, first of all, you need to create the personal mailbox. For this purpose it is necessary to register on that website on which you want to work with mail.
  • You enter the Name, the Surname, you think out to yourself the login (alias).
  • You think out the password, surely you confirm it, you select a confidential question and the answer (if you will forget the password).
  • It is desirable to specify mobile phone number or other e-mail address where to you the new password, in case of loss will come.
  • You agree with rules of the website.
  • Everything, you are registered and you created the personal mailbox by means of which now you will be able to receive and send correspondence.
  • Now we can change some automatic adjustments of a mailbox.


1. From the computer connected to the Internet you come into the mailbox, having entered the login and the password. If during authorization of your mailbox, you install the option "Remember Me", then at start of the Internet, the service of mail will be automatically connected.

2. Zeroing of indicators of unread correspondence is automatic after you read all incoming letters. The counter does not display the deleted or read letters, only new. The option of the counter is included automatically. But it is possible to disconnect it – to deselect a checkbox in Settings of mail in the Letters notification point.

3. You can install the option "Mail Widget" thanks to which you will see headings of the last incoming letters on the homepage. Here you can specify the number of unread letters (5, 10, 20) which will be visible from all folders.

4. You can configure the collector of mail to receive the letters sent and on other your boxes. You click "Settings" and you select the section "Collecting Mail" in which you specify the address of other your mail on this or any other website, the login and the password. It is possible to connect not one, and, as a rule, to 10 collectors from other websites.

5. If automatic adjustment of the instant notification is not provided in your mailbox, it is always possible to download such additional applet from the Internet by means of which you will instantly learn about the new letter. It checks the number of letters in a box and displays the notification with the indication of a name of the sender, a subject of the letter and time of its receiving. To enter a mailbox, it is enough to click with a mouse the notification.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team