How to configure Skynet

How to configure Skynet

Practically all use the Internet. For someone it is work, for someone – entertainment, and for someone – both. The SkyNet program allows to obtain files and information from network, anything at the same time without paying traffic. To configure the program, it is necessary to spend only several minutes of time and to make several simple operations.


1. SkyNet – the program allowing to use the Internet via the satellite. Its only shortcoming is in what you cannot select what files to download. The program just "catches" what is transferred through official channels. Therefore process of use of the satellite Internet is also called "space fishing", - you just catch everything, and then already select "a large small fish". So, to begin to use the satellite Internet – begin to rock and install the SkyNet program.

2. Open the skynet.ini file. Changing the options stated in this file you will be able to transfer folders for the downloaded files to other hard drive of your computer, to expose the LNB parameters and also options of input of the transponder and pits (PID). All these settings, as a rule, are stated in skynet.ini or in the instruction which lies on the website together with install archive of the program. To transfer folders of downloadings, it is necessary to copy folders on other disk and to make changes to the lines incomplete=incomplete, temp=temp and ok=ok, having replaced them with, for example, incomplete=D:\incomplete, temp=D:\temp and ok=D:\ok. Parameters of a head (LNB) register thus: # tuner

lnb=9750000,10600000,11700000 if universal LNB is used, and lnb=10750000,0,10750000 if you have LNB with circular polarization.

3. Having configured the skynet.ini file, start the program. Specify what types files need to be "caught" the key press of G. After that the special menu in which you expose settings of the loaded files will open, defining filename extension, the lower and top limits of its volume. After that save settings by key S.

The downloaded files will be designated by the creeping white band. Completely downloaded file just will disappear from a program window. If on the file the red band – attention appeared, in downloading there was an error.

4. You can configure the program according to two files – regex.txt and rules.txt. However their setup is quite difficult, and the slightest error leads to incorrect work of SkyNet so it is better not to change the conditions stated in them at the beginning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team