How to configure Skype

How to configure Skype

Skype is the program allowing to communicate absolutely free of charge with friends and relatives online. Communication can happen both by means of text messages, and through voice and video conference. In order that this process was the most convenient, it is necessary to know how to configure Skype.

To start work it is necessary to download Skype from the official site of, and then to install the program on the computer. After installation it is necessary to fill out personal data, to think up the login and the password.

At the next stage it is possible to start the Skype setup. For this purpose we click "Tools", then "Settings" and "General settings". After that the window where it is possible to place ticks at discretion will open. It is without fail recommended to allow loading of Skype at start of Windows and also to install time through which the program displays the status "Not in network" if a mouse or the keyboard are not used.


It is possible to continue setup in the Audio setting tab. Here it is necessary to select the used microphone and the camera. If all of them built in as on the laptop, then they will be reflected by default. If it is supposed to use the external camera and the microphone, then it will be necessary to switch to them. It is necessary to arrive also with columns.

In the Video setting tab it is possible to check quality of operation of the webcam. She does not require usually additional setup, but sometimes it is necessary to correct brightness and contrast at discretion.

In the Safety tab it is possible to configure some additional settings. Here it is recommended to check opposite to the Allow Cookies in the Skype Browser point. Thanks to it the program will be able to remember preferences of the user. Besides, in this tab it is possible to carry out other settings relating to safety of negotiations. Thanks to The Blocked User tab it is possible to blacklist someone's login that the program did not receive from it calls and messages.

After setup it is possible to carry out connection test by means of Echo/Sound Test Service which should be in a contact list.

Now, knowing how to configure Skype, it is possible to use all its functions and to call friends and relatives it is absolutely free.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team