How to configure Skype earphones

How to configure Skype earphones

The free program of calls, video calls and message exchange Skype offers the user several options of audio setting. At the first inclusion of the program the test window of check of earphones and loudspeakers appears.


1. If you only installed Skype and for the first time started the program, you will see a window of check of earphones, loudspeakers, the microphone and video. Connect earphones in the connector. Under the line "Columns — whether You Hear a Test Sound?" press the Realtek High Definition Audio button. If you hear a test sound of Skype in earphones, everything means it is connected correctly.

2. The second option of setup of earphones Skype – through the top menu of the program. In the main window of the program come into "Tools" - "Settings" - "Audio setting". At first check setup of the microphone, having pressed the Realtek High Definition Audio button. By default it is already exposed. If you configure it on the laptop, it is most often located in a top panel of the screen, near the camera. In the normal PC the microphone can be or in the headset with earphones, or in the webcam. Select necessary, having selected it from a drop-down list in the Microphone button.

3. Say any phrase in the microphone. If there is a green band which moves from left to right, the microphone means works normally.

4. Then pass to the Loudspeakers button. In Skype the same button configures earphones (when they are connected). The line "Automatic Adjustment of Loudspeakers" should be noted by a tick. Click the green Play icon, near the Loudspeakers button. If you see that the scale of a sound reacts, and you hear a test sound Skype, means earphones are configured correctly.

5. If when checking a sound it is not heard, try to select other item in a drop-down list of the Loudspeakers button. Make sure that you check those earphones which are connected at present whether make sure also in the correct connector they are connected.

6. For final check of a sound make a test call to Skype. For this purpose open the Audio setting menu, in the section "Other Opportunities" - "Make a test call to Skype".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team