How to configure small network

How to configure small network

To create own local area network it is necessary to be able to configure settings of network interface cards of computers correctly. Besides, it is initially necessary to construct the scheme of network correctly.

It is required to you

  • - Network hub.


1. If you want to integrate several computers in small network, then use for this purpose the network hub. Connect the hub to the alternating current main. Prepare the necessary number of network cables of RJ-45 format. It should be equal to the number of the connected computers.

2. Connect network adapters of all computers to the hub, using the acquired cables. Turn on one of these computers and configure settings of its work. Recommend to use the static IP addresses because the network hub is not equipped with function of automatic distribution of the addresses of computers.

3. Open the list of network connections of the selected computer. Find an icon of the network adapter connected to the hub. Pass to its properties. Select the line "Internet Protocol of TCP/IP". Click "Properties", located in the lower part of the working menu.

4. Click the Use the Following IP Address point. Enter IP addresses value of this network interface card in the first field of this menu. In this case it is possible to use any available address because computers are not connected with external resources. Click Ok for saving parameters of the network interface card.

5. Configure the same way network interface cards of other computers. It is necessary to enter every time new IP addresses value. Ideally they should differ only in the last segment.

6. Now perform tuning of a fayervoll on each computer. Allow access to shares to all computers which are a part of house group. Naturally, it is necessary to select such type of connection at emergence of the corresponding window. For change of type of group open a Network and Sharing Center. Open the Choice of House Group and Parameters of the General Access menu. Configure the opened menu, having specified those parameters which you consider optimum.

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