How to configure tabs

How to configure tabs

Setup of tabs can vary depending on what browser you use. There is nothing difficult in this process: usually main problem is to find, the menu with the required settings is located where exactly.

It is required to you

  • - Internet;
  • - computer;
  • - browser.


1. Setup of tabs for Mozilla Firefox. In the upper left corner in the menu of the browser select the option "Tools". The window will open - in it click "Settings" (last point). One more menu will open. In it click the second bookmark "Tabs" at the left. Further select checkboxes near necessary settings. Configure where the new tab (first point), the warning of closing of several tabs (second point), display of the tab bar and others will open.

2. Setup of tabs for Internet Explorer 8. Start the browser, click ""Service"", then ""Internet Options"". Click the General bookmark, in the section "Tabs" select "Setup". Select necessary. For transition from a tab to a tab use the CTRL+T keyboard shortcut. For repeated opening of the closed tabs click "Create a tab" (CTRL+T), then "Repeated opening of the closed tabs" (it is displayed on the screen when opening a new tab). For recovery of all previous session click "Start-up" - Internet Explorer - "Service" - "Repeated opening of the last session of viewing". To save group of tabs, click on the option "Favorites" - "Add to favorites" - "Add the current tabs to favorites". Enter the name of the created group and click "Add".

3. Setup of tabs for Opera. Click the right mouse button on any tab. So you will be able to copy, change the size, to block closing of tabs or to close them everything, except one. The size of the opened window allows to configure the Create Tabs setting if you want that the window was in all screen - click "Always to deploy". "Open a new tab near active" will always allow to open a new tab near that in which you read something or you write at present. Click "Open windows instead of tabs" and you will receive a new window when opening each new tab.

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