How to configure the camera in the agent

How to configure the camera in the agent

The mail agent provides a set of options and services for convenience of communication between the users: there is a possibility of exchange of instant messages, including in the form of pictures or animated films, implementation of free calls including video. For this purpose the user should have a configured video camera.


1. To configure the camera in the Agent, try to click with the right mouse button on area where video signal should be located. In the opened menu click the option "Settings" and then go to a tab with the video camera. Check whether there is it in the list which opened before you. If that is available, then just select it and it is ready. The webcam is configured!

2. Also make sure of operability of your webcam and without Agent. For this purpose just try to photograph something and to shoot a video. Turn on the camera and use hints on the screen. If the camera is serviceable and everything functions in the normal mode, then just try to reboot the Agent, and then again to send the photo or video message.

3. As option, load and install ActiveX a component for the Internet Explorer browser. Just start the link in the browser, it can also help with the solution of this problem.

4. There is an opportunity that there is a blocking of port 1935 to the address: For the solution of this problem grant permission to the Agent for any outbound connections on this port. Come into "Settings" and check appropriate section.

5. Pay attention that if the computer of your interlocutor is not equipped with the webcam while it is available for you, the interlocutor will not have an opportunity to see you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team