How to configure the e-mail address

How to configure the e-mail address

E-mail is a necessary attribute of the Internet user. It is necessary not only for correspondence and communication with other users, but also for registration on at different forums and the websites, design of purchases in Internet shops, for a subscription for online editions. Advantages of e-mail are obvious: free of charge, speed of delivery of letters and simplicity of access to the electronic mailbox.

It is required to you

  • - the computer connected to the Internet.


1. To create the mailbox, visit the login page of one of mail services, think up a name of a mailbox (login), enter the real name and a surname and click "Continue".

2. In some services it will be offered to register at choice in one of the domains entering a mail system. Do not forget to consider when filling fields of a registration form that the name should begin surely with a lowercase English letter and contain letters of the English alphabet, digits and underline characters.

3. When choosing the login avoid names from the small number of signs, otherwise your box will become an excellent target for spam - mailings.

4. Further enter the desirable e-mail address into the corresponding cell. If this address is already occupied, try to register one of anycast addresses which will be listed in a special form.

5. After the choice of a name it is necessary to fill out the questionnaire. Then enter into a special cell the check code for protection against the automatic registration represented on the picture and click registration.

6. Then look through ""The agreement on an order of use of free service"", read and agree with all conditions, having put a tick in the corresponding cell. Having pressed Next, you automatically accept terms of agreement.

7. Further it is necessary to enter twice the password for your mailbox. Think up the password not less than six characters and containing only digits and characters of the English alphabet. You keep the password in secret and do not lose.

8. After that it is possible to complete registration, having pressed the Complete button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team