How to configure the home page of the Internet

How to configure the home page of the Internet

The installed home page appears when opening the web browser. It can make any often visited site with which work on the Internet usually begins. The home page can be configured, changed or removed such popular browsers as Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome or Firefox.

It is required to you

  • Web browser.


1. Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer is installed in the Windows operating system at once. Therefore it is possible to make the home page directly on your computer, without opening the browser. Come into "start-up-control panels-Internet Options". In the General tab under the offer "Specify the page with which it is necessary to begin the overview in the appeared window" enter the address of the necessary website and click "Close".

2. OperaB of dependence on the installed version of Opera is 2 ways how to install the home page. 1 way: into the menu of the browser (in the upper left corner icon "O" with an arrow) come into "Settings – General settings". In the Main tab select the Begin with the Home Page item in the line "At Start" and in line from below gather the address of the home page. Click "OK". The 2nd way: come into the Tools — General Settings tab. Further do the same, as the last way.

3. You use Google ChromeEsli this web browser, open it and in the upper right corner click a wrench icon. Select the line "Parameters". In the Main tab make tags before the inscriptions "Open the Homepage" and "Open This Page". Enter in the field the address of the website with which you want to begin work on the Internet. Click "Close".

4. FirefoxVoydite in the Tools — Settings tab. In the main settings opposite to the inscription "At Start of Firefox" select "Show the home page", and opposite to the inscription "Home page" enter the address of the desirable website. Click "OK".

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