How to configure the server

How to configure the server

The server acts as a link in the local area network through which the Internet extends and management of jobs is conducted. It can be also used for information storage and creation of backup copies of systems. To configure the server computer, it is necessary to understand network technologies well.


1. Collect or select the computer which you want to configure as the server. Its technical and system characteristics should conform to requirements. The main thing, it should be rather powerful that without problems and brakes to process the big information streams which are transferred between a local and wide area network. If you plan to use also the server for information storage or backup copies of systems, then it should be equipped with sufficient memory size.

2. Equip the server computer with the network adapter with two connectors. The first will be used for connection to the Internet, and the second – for connection with the network hub of a local area network. Also you need the network cable which consists of four unshielded twisted pairs, connectors for connection and the blooming device. Make sure that you have all necessary details for creation of a local area network and setup of the server.

3. Start the server computer. Come into "Network and Sharing Center" and open the Change of Parameters of Adapters window. Click the right mouse button on connection to the Internet and select the Properties item. Go to the Access tab and activate permission to other net surfers to use Internet connection of this computer. Close a window and open settings of the adapter connected to a local area network.

4. Select the Internet Protocol of TCP/IPv4 point and click on the Properties button. Note the Use the Following IP Address point and assign to your server the network address and a subnet mask. For example, you can put IP address and a subnet mask – Save settings and close a window.

5. Turn on computers of a local area network and open properties of connection. Pass to settings of the internet protocol. Assign to each computer the IP address, it is the most convenient to number them one after another, since the two. For example, the first computer of network will have IP address After that specify a subnet mask which should match settings of the server, and fill these servers. Save settings.

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