How to configure the unlimited Internet

How to configure the unlimited Internet

If you connected to yourself the unlimited Internet, undoubtedly, you want to use it on a maximum. You should understand that in case of the unlimited Internet the traffic volume, is more which you cannot spend, just does not exist. Therefore it is worth following some recommendations to use it with the maximum advantage. It is worth separating time which you spend on web surfing and time which you spend on downloadings - it will make yours use of the unlimited Internet are most effective.


1. First of all, select a rate which suits you. It is absolutely optional to select high-speed Internet if you stay at home seldom - to select any rate enough from unlimited which to you on a pocket. Be guided not by what to you is tried to be sold, and on the fact that it is really necessary for you.

2. When using the Internet, install a download manager. Use it in order that at those moments when you there is no house, Internet connection continued to work. In this case all necessary information continues to download even when you are absent at the computer, without spending the power of the channel intended for web surfing.

3. The optimum program which you can use a torrent client. The reason that it is worth using a torrent, but not a download manager - that the majority of files is placed now on paid fayloobmennka which do not allow to expose downloadings in queue and strongly cut down downloading speed. When downloading by means of a torrent, cut down return speed to a minimum - it will increase the possible speed of downloading to a maximum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team