How to configure the YuTK home network

How to configure the YuTK home network

"YuTK home network" is the special service of the Rostelecom company available to owners of some data plans of plans of Disel. The main advantage of this offer is the lack of speed limits on access to resources of the company.


1. Make sure that the installed network interface card is activated in the BIOS settings. For this purpose open a context menu of an element of a desktop "My computer" by click of the right mouse button and specify the Properties point. Go to the Equipment tab of the opened dialog box and click "Device manager". Find the section "Net boards" and make sure that at it there is a used equipment.

2. Find a connection icon on a local area network in a system tray and open its context menu by click of the right mouse button. Specify the Status point and click "Properties" in the opened dialog box. Apply checkboxes on all fields in the following dialog box and select the line "Internet protocol". Open a dialog box of properties of this element, having clicked "Property", and apply a checkbox in the field "Use the following IP address".

3. Enter value in the field "IP address" and value to the line "Main Gateway". Apply the made changes, having pressed the OK button.

4. Open the main system menu, having clicked "Start-up" and specify the Setup point. Open the subparagraph "Network connections" and specify the Creation of New Connection command in the left panel of the opened dialog box.

5. Miss the first window of the master, having pressed Next, and apply a checkbox in the field "Connect to the Internet" the following dialog box. Confirm the choice and apply a checkbox in the field "Establish connection manually" in a new window.

6. Press the OK button and enter any name in the next window of the master. Again press Next and transfer a name and the password of the Disel account to the respective fields of the following window. Pay attention that it is necessary to enter @ppoe value together with a user name without spaces and validate data, having pressed Next.

7. Apply a checkbox in the field "Add a label …" in the last window of the master and apply the made changes, having clicked "Is ready".

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