How to configure wi-fi at the dacha

How to configure wi-fi at the dacha

With arrival of summer many city dwellers massively "migrate" to the dacha. However not everyone is ready for so long period to refuse such benefits of a civilization as the Internet. For this reason the increasing relevance is acquired by the organization of access to network and its subsequent distribution by means of Wi-fi on all country apartments.


1. As a rule, country houses are located rather far from the city therefore the only communication link which it becomes possible to expect the cellular device. And the Wi-fi setup by means of Android smartphone will become the easiest way in this situation.

2. The algorithm of actions is rather simple: put phone in that place where reception of network of the operator is most the best; in category "Setup" select the option "Modem Mode" which it will be necessary to check opposite "Figurative spot jotas". For the maximum safety set the password, otherwise neighbors in the seasonal dacha can use your network.

3. Practical and convenient Wi-Fi the router best of all will be suitable for "inveterate" summer residents. If time at the dacha is supposed to carry out much, then the Wi-fi installation of the router will become the most optimal solution. In this case phone will not be occupied and signal power will significantly increase. It is important to note that this method is feasible only at existence of a cable of Internet service provider.

4. For setup use the following scheme: install the router for more accurate and reliable signal on the highest point that it extended across all country territory; from the FTP server download and install the latest version of a firmware – it will increase a functional range of the device; use automatic adjustment of the router by means of the disk going in a set or a manual method via the browser.

5. The first way will significantly reduce time, but it can not approach if the bitness of a system differs from bitness of a compact disk.

6. For manual adjustment open the Web browser, enter the address "", in the appeared window in fields of the login and password enter the word admin or user, depending on the brand of the router, select the section "Settings of the Internet" and hammer parameters of your provider. They can be found in the contract. Then set the password on Wi-Fi and desirable signal power. If necessary include parental control or guest network and reboot the router. You remember if settings were made incorrectly, then at any time it is possible to reset all parameters, having clicked on the Reset back panel or having taken the power on/off button and to recustomize again.

7. At successful setup on the front panel of the router the DSL indicator will light up. It means existence of communication of the router with provider.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team