How to configure wireless connection with the router

How to configure wireless connection with the router

Wi-Fi the router is the one more unique benefit of a civilization which performs function of the gateway between the high-speed modem, the computer and different gadgets. Thanks to this compact device all members of household will be able to use the Internet without excess wires and connections.


1. For a start connect the router to network and connect the Ethernet cable. At the same time use Modem or Internet port which is located on the back panel of the device and, as a rule, it is selected in color or the corresponding sticker. The slot of port can also be and sideways. Everything depends on the brand and model of the device.

2. Then the procedure of configuration begins. Connect the router to the system unit by means of a communication cord which went complete with the router. It is possible to configure it as in the automatic mode – by means of a disk, and manually – via the browser. The first method will significantly reduce time, but will reduce the performance as all settings will be basic. Wider range of functions is provided in the second method. Open any browser, enter in address building "". The window in which it is necessary to enter the login and the password will appear. Depending on router model the login and the password is the word admin or user if custom settings were not changed.

3. Thanks to this page of settings you will be able to change literally all parameters: the name of a wireless network, existence of parent control, encryption type for ensuring protection of network, the password for gaining access. To configure the Internet, in the section "Connection Settings" enter data of your provider. They can be found in the contract. After performing all necessary manipulations click Save or Apply.

4. Further reboot the router and wait for the moment of its connection with provider. Usually this procedure takes about two minutes. At successful connection on the front panel the DSL indicator will light up. If it did not occur, check correctness of the entered data at setup or contact technical support. At any time it is possible to reset all parameters and to recustomize again. For this purpose click Reset or take several seconds the power on/off button.

5. It is important to note that at configuration by means of a disk, it is necessary to pay attention to bitness of a system and the CD media. If, for example, the operating system installed on the computer, the 64th bit, and a disk – the 32nd bit, then they are among themselves completely incompatible. In attempt of start of a disk in a similar case the error will take off. Usually in the upper left corner of such window Error is written. In this case necessary files can be found on the website of vendor. Generally they are in the section "Support".

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