How to confirm sending the message

How to confirm sending the message

Fight against spam exists almost as much how many and e-mail. One of the most widespread ways — the Quarantine function which is applied more often both users of e-mail clients, and fans to send letters via the web interface. In this case letters from unknown users get not to "Entering", and to the special folder. Before entering the sender in the white list of a quarantine, the recipient can ask it to confirm the fact of sending the letter.

It is required to you

  • - the e-mail address from which you sent the letter.


1. Be not surprised if in response to the letter you receive the notification with the offer to confirm sending. It does not mean at all that your respondent does not wish to keep in touch with you. Just he did not manage to enter your address in the white list yet.

2. It is possible to confirm the sending fact in two ways. It is possible that in the notification you will find the reference. Just click it. It will also be a signal that the letter was written really by you. Approximately you make the same during registration at forums where activation of the account is required.

3. If there is no link or you are afraid that you will come to the page unknown to you - click a button ""Answer"". It is necessary to write nothing. You already wrote everything in the previous letter, and now your task is to send the message in the form in which it to you came. It is possible that in the subsequent correspondence you should not confirm anything any more. The respondent will just enter you in the list, and your messages will directly be included in the folder ""Entering" ".

4. You can face need to confirm the letter also on pages of the different organizations where filling of a ready form is required. For example, if you send request for the archive help, contact public authority, etc. In this case it is very important to fill a form correctly. Required fields are marked with any icon. Somewhere near a window for the message the number of signs and also a format of documents which can be attached can be specified.

5. Having filled all fields, press the Send button. If any data are entered mistakenly, you will not be able to send the message, will not make changes yet. After that before you, most likely, the pop-up window with the question ""Send the Message?"" will appear. Click ""OK"".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team