How to connect a wireless internet

How to connect a wireless internet

Presently the mobility is appreciated more than ever earlier. Mobile telephone communication was strongly included into our life long ago, but now there comes the new era. Era of the mobile Internet. The Internet with a binding to a cable remained in the past, today's Internet is transferred in a literal sense by air.


1. For a start think what degree of mobility you would like to receive for the Internet. If you want to move freely with the laptop within the apartment is a one conversation and if you want to check working mail, lying on the sandy beach, completely different.

2. To have a possibility of Internet connection from the computer from any point of the country, and can even the globe, you need the USB modem of some provider of cellular communication. Together with purchase of the modem you get also the sim card connected to a special rate of the mobile Internet. If the UMTS technology already became widespread in your region, then the speed of the Internet promises to be decent, but, as a rule, the mobile Internet through mobile network operator does not differ in special speeds and there is it too much. Attentively read terms of the contract at its conclusion. Usually providers provide a certain volume of traffic for a certain sum in a month, each megabyte over the stipulated volume can cost extra money. The mobile wireless internet from cellular provider can become a good output in working situations when happens it is necessary to check mail, to hold a meeting or to find some information in network, but for large-scale activity as, for example, watching movies online, it hardly approaches.

3. If you want to watch movies in kitchen, to read books with the CPC in the bedroom, or just to go through a forum, having nestled on a sofa with the laptop, then it is better for you to connect the wireless home network based on Wi-fi technology. The special router router connected to a cable through which the normal Internet comes to your house will become the center of such wireless network. All settings of network are hammered into the router in advance. If to grant permission to the router to work in the Wi-fi mode, then all devices within reach equipped with the Wi-Fi-receiver will have an opportunity of Internet connection. Configuring a home wireless network, do not forget about safety. Surely put the cipher on wireless connection (the router itself will offer types of the cipher to you in the course of setup), and give out to net surfers to whom you allow to be connected to the router, a cipher key. Otherwise anyone wirelessly will be able to be connected to your network. Do not allow foreign people to use your Internet: in certain cases it can lead to quite unpleasant consequences.

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